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Every individual and every injury is different and therefore our physiotherapy exercise prescription and treatment plan are individualized to the patients’ specific needs. 

The ultimate goal is to use specialized physical activity to improve health, function, and overall well-being.

Effectiveness of Physio Exercises

Physio exercise is also beneficial in:

  • Increasing blood flow to the affected areas
  • Decreasing stiffness
  • Preventing muscle atrophy
  • Restoring muscle strength
  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Pain relief (e.g. neck pain, knee pain, arthritis pain)
  • Restoring proprioception (balance) and range of motion
Physiotherapy Exercises Thunder Bay

Common Physiotherapy Exercises

Every patient will have their own exercise therapy according to their customized treatment plan. But some of the most common physio exercises used by experienced physiotherapists include:

  • Posture momentum physical therapy
  • Balance Exercises (improves balance, strength and range of motion)
  • Motion Exercises (passive, active, active-assistive)
  • Ball Squeeze Exercise
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Exercise with water
  • Knee Exercises
  • Isometric Exercises


At Fanti + Associates Physiotherapy Thunder Bay, we use a specialized home exercise program that can be emailed or sent directly to your phone via text message. By doing so, it ensures that you have the instructions that you need at your fingertips in order to stay consistent with your home programming.

These programs can include detailed instructions, pictures, and videos to help guide you through your home-based rehab program.

Exercise is often used for the treatment of both chronic conditions and acute injuries. It may include core stabilization exercises for low back pain, postural exercises, stability, and flexibility training for whiplash-associated disorders (to name a few examples).

Your treatment may include exercises that target muscle endurance, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility, balance, and/or strengthening exercises depending on your condition and specific needs.

These will be extensively reviewed and discussed with your physical therapist in the clinic in order to determine the appropriate plan to help you to meet your rehabilitative goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy Exercises In Thunder Bay

Luckily, there is a way that you can help reduce these pains. There are exercises that you can do on a daily basis to fight the aches and pains of poor posture by asking a professional exercise physiotherapist today.

After working with a few of these exercises, many of our patients’ pain has gone away and they started leading a healthy life.

Poor posture is one of the reasons why these physical therapy exercises are meant to make work less painful and more productive. They can be completed in less than five minutes and will give you the same relief as our other patients.
Generally, it’s okay to have mild discomfort during exercises. But, it is a good idea to stop the exercise if there is pain. Also, it’s best to avoid exercising during migraines. And, the exercises should be modified by a professional physiotherapist if they start triggering attacks.

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