Physiotherapy for Achilles Tendonitis: A Comprehensive Guide

physiotherapy for Achilles tendonitis thunder bay

Achilles tendonitis is an agonizing injury that affects the Achilles tendon, which connects the upper leg muscle tissue to the heel bone. It’s caused by overuse or repetitive stress on the tendon and is really unbearable, hampering some daily tasks as well as negatively affecting your lifestyle. Aggravation of the tendon can result in chronic […]

Dry Needling for Pain Elimination: What It Is and How It Works


Discomfort is an universally-shared experience, regardless of time, area or culture. In Canada alone, about one in 4 adults experiences persistent pain at any particular time, and in most cases, it can be challenging to discover a treatment for clients to enjoy relief. While there are many treatments readily available for various kinds of pain, […]

Shock Wave Therapy for Tendonitis: A Natural, Risk-free, and Successful Treatment

shockwave for tendonitis Thunder Bay

Tendons are the rugged, fibrous connective tissues in our muscles that connect the muscles and the bones so that whenever we move a specific muscle, it pulls on the bone and triggers movement. They’re very susceptible to stress and strain as a result of their limited mobility and the hefty loads they support throughout physical […]

Shockwave Therapy for Kidney Stones: An Exhaustive Overview

shockwave for kidney stones thunder bay

Kidney stones are small, solidified nodules of minerals located in the kidneys. They can range from being little and without symptoms (meaning you never even find out they exist) to large enough to induce unbearable degrees of pain and perhaps even chronic kidney disease. Although some people will never experience this problem, for others it […]

Five Good Reasons You Should Try Physiotherapy for Your Rotator Cuff Injury

Physiotherapy for rotator cuff thunder bay

When it pertains to painful injuries, the rotator cuff is right up there on the top end of the pain scale. It’s typical for both very active and sedentary people of any ages to hurt their rotator cuff, and this kind of extremity overuse injury can be rather difficult to recuperate from. Whether it’s an […]

Physio For Knee Pain: How to Return to Your Pain-Free Life

physiotherapy for knee pain thunder bay

Knee discomfort can be a nuisance for individuals on the move–especially if you’re a go-getter. Thankfully, there are many therapies to reduce the danger of developing permanent knee pain and to handle it if it does appear. An experienced physiotherapist will conduct an initial assessment and based on that they will be able to tailor […]

6 Ways Physiotherapy Can Address Your Sport-Related Pain

Are you suffering from sport-related pain? If yes, then you should consider Sports Injury Physiotherapy in Thunder Bay. This form of treatment has been proven effective in addressing various types of sports-related injuries and common conditions. Physiotherapists are trained professionals who specialize in injury prevention and the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. They assess and provide […]

5 Effective Methods to Get Rid of Neck Pain With Physiotherapy


Many people suffer from neck pain, which is one of the most common types of pain. The Arthritis Foundation estimates that 70 percent of people will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you spend several hours a day hunched over a desk or an athlete who has frequently […]