Manual Physiotherapy

Manual therapy treatments can include hands on work that incorporates mobilization of the nerves, myofascial release, mobilization of spinal segments and joints as well as soft tissue mobilization.

It may also in some cases include manipulation, which moves the joint beyond its range of motion using a high velocity, low amplitude force. Manual therapy also incorporates specific exercise programming and the use of electro-therapy equipment (such as ultrasound, low wave diathermy, etc.).

Manual therapy is effective for both acute and chronic pain conditions. It is used to treat injuries and conditions that affect the joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

This means that injuries affecting the bony or soft tissue structures that can cause you pain or restrict the movement in your body can benefit from this type of treatment.

It is also helpful in relaxing muscles and breaking up scar tissue. It also contributes to increasing joint movement and helps to reduce painful muscle spasms.

Common injuries that are treated with manual therapy may include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Post-operative conditions
  • Bursitis
  • Joint restrictions
  • Tendinitis
  • Athletic injuries

The benefits of manual therapy are extensive. For patients dealing with acute or chronic conditions it can help to reduce pain, improve joint movement, strengthen and improve posture and circulation.

It can also be combined with training, exercise, and other treatments to help athletes improve their overall performance and excel.